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Manco Delivers New Hi-Rail Vehicles to Fulton Hogan John Holland JV Rail

Manco Rail is pleased to deliver three hi-rail trucks to Fulton Hogan John Holland JV Rail for operations in Wellington, New Zealand.

The first hi-rail vehicle was delivered for Christmas 2018, with the second and third vehicles delivered in early-January 2019.

Each truck is installed with Manco Rail hi-rail modules featuring our vertical actuating front stanchions and our over center deploying rear rail module.

The front rail module features independent hydraulic wheel motors acting on each rail wheel, while the braking is undertaken by spring applied, hydraulic release disc brakes.  The brakes are interlocked with the drive function of the wheel motors, releasing when drive is initiated and applying once fluid power pressure drops.  This ensures that the brakes are a true fail-safe system.

The rear module has been upgraded from previous Manco offerings, with increased ground clearance whilst stowed as a key design consideration.  Additional upgrades include a pivoting axle beam with coil spring suspension for track twist negotiation.  Hydraulic chocking cylinders mounted to the support structure lock out the axle beam whenever an elevating platform, mounted to the vehicle deck, is in operation.  Spring applied, pneumatic release wheel-tread brakes are installed and take care of braking duties.  For the safety of the crew and other work site personnel, the brakes are interlocked with the vehicle speed and will automatically apply.

The hi-rail vehicle highlighted here has been supplied to FHJH JV Rail complete with a Palfinger PK18002-C vehicle loading crane, 20’ ISO twistlocks, 6.30m steel deck, and integrated hydraulics and software for the fitment and operation of a Manco EWP5500 elevated work platform.  On-rail payload is over 6,000kg

The hi-rail vehicle has a top on-rail speed of 25km/h, restricted to 5km/h when the elevated platform is in use.  The operating system is electronically controlled via Parker IQAN components with numerous built-in safety interlocks for the safe operation of vehicle and crew.

Manco Rail

Manco Rail

Manco Rail

Manco Rail

Admin - January 18th 2019


Melbourne Level Crossing Removal Project

level crossing

Manco Rail releases new video of the Melbourne Level Crossing Removal Project showcasing an extensive range of Manco Rail hi-rail and specialist equipment. As a preferred supplier for this multi-billion dollar project, Manco Rail has provided a range of hi-rail vehicles including elevated work platforms, and 22kN wire tensioning hi-rail vehicles, as well as a selection of specialist equipment designed specifically for the project.

Admin - June 26th 2018


Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games

Manco Rail Hire vehicles were hard at work prior to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games helping to get the G-Line tram system prepared for the influx of athletes, supporters and sports fans. The Manco Rail EWP5500 scissor platform proved invaluable providing a large and efficient work platform for site personnel to quickly and effectively install and upgrade OHL equipment.

Once work was completed, the vehicles were reconfigured for operations on the Melbourne Level Crossing Removal Project including changing the axle gauge from narrow to broad gauge.

Admin - March 7th 2018


Manco Rail LT1250


The Manco Rail LT1250 operated by KiwiRail in New Zealand is closing in quickly on its 10-year birthday. The 60-Tonne GVM low bed transporter was commissioned for use on the Auckland Electrification Project and provided a multitude of services including cartage of catenary masts, cantilever framework, signage and concrete trucks.
The LT1250 features a Palfinger PK54000 crane that provides heavy duty lifting making installation and placement of masts and overhead framework safe and efficient.
With the ability to carry up to 30,000kg on the 12m long deck, almost any item of mobile plant, framework, or rail sleepers can be loaded and quickly transported to the work site at speeds of up to 50km/h.
As the transporter closes in on 10-years of operation, it has travelled the length and breadth of the New Zealand railway network in both the North and South Islands.

Admin - January 28th 2018

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